• 17% more mobile data used compared to last New Year's Eve
  • Data use on fixed network remains the same
  • Declining trend in calling and texting continues

Last night the Netherlands celebrated the start of 2024 via the VodafoneZiggo network. Customers on Vodafone's mobile network used 17% more mobile data last night compared to New Year's Eve 2021/2022. The highest peak in consumption was between 00.00 and 00.10 am. A peak was also measured on Ziggo’s fixed network in this time frame. The popularity of traditional calling and texting declined again.

Last night customers on Vodafone’s mobile network used 17,31% more mobile data compared to New Year’s Eve last year. The peak time of consumption was 10 minutes and was immediately after midnight. The many New Year’s greetings caused crowds on the mobile network, but this peak was processed smoothly.

Popularity calling and texting declines
The past years the number of mobile calls has continued to decline. This year, in line with this trend, customers opted less for traditional calling during New Year’s Eve. The number of mobile calls fell by 15% compared to last year.

Even though the most recent Telecom Monitor from the ACM shows that the Netherlands made slightly more use of sending text messages in the second quarter, this increase is not reflected in the figures of this New Year’s Eve. In total our customers sent 4% fewer text messages between 10pm and 4am than compared to last year.

Ziggo fixed network usage remains the same
Customers of the Ziggo fixed network sent most New Year’s greetings around midnight. Although the peak in consumption on this network around midnights was the same as last year, consumption has almost doubled in the past four years. Over the past two year, this was 95% higher than on January 1, 2020.

Sport remains record holder on network
However, the real spikes in the use of data on VodafoneZiggo’s networks, were achieved during sports events. The highest peaks in mobile data usage in 2023 were caused by Formula 1 races: the Monaco Grand Prix, the Italian Grand Prix and the Singapore Grand Prix.

With the full summer of sports approaching, the question next year is whether Formula 1 will continue to lead, or whether one of the other sports will cause the highest peaks on the network.