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    Impressive 2020 results give VodafoneZiggo a strong position for continued investment

    16 februari 2021

    VodafoneZiggo today announced the Q4 and the full year result of 2020.
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    Impressive 2020 Results
    VodafoneZiggo has achieved its €210 million synergy target, one year ahead of the original schedule. Its operating targets were also reached. Turnover was up 2% on 2019, with operating results rising by 6%. 20% of the turnover was reinvested in network infrastructure, products and services. A record number of 273,000 mobile post-paid customers, with converged-customer numbers seeing continued solid growth; 113,000 households newly converged in 2020.

    Dutch telecommunication networks among Europe’s top
    The digital infrastructure is of huge importance to the Netherlands’ investment climate; of all the countries in Europe, the Netherlands has the best mobile networks by far. Our fixed networks feature among the absolute best as well in terms of coverage, speed, stability and security; with data from Umlaut and DESI proving this. This solid starting position is set to help the Dutch economy and society speedily rectify the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, alongside the continual focus on further improving our networks, VodafoneZiggo will be concentrating more on what our technology provides to society. Examples are IoT applications such as smart dyke monitoring, and the way technology contributes towards an inclusive and sustainable society. Striving for sustainable and social goals is an integral part of VodafoneZiggo’s operating strategy. To further support our sustainability strategy Green Bonds were first introduced in 2020.

    Looking ahead to 2021
    Despite the pressure of the macro-economic circumstances, operating results will continue to grow by 1 to 3%. Around 19 to 21% of the turnover is to be reinvested in GigaNet, products and services. (Mobile) Further expanding the 5G network, the Netherlands’ first of its kind with national coverage. (Fixed) Six million households provided with 1Gbps download speed by the end of 2021. In 2022, 100% of our customers and potential customers – no less than 93[B(1] % of the Netherlands – will be able to acquire the powerful GigaNet; the Vodafone and Ziggo network. They’ll then have access to a fixed line with a download speed of 1Gbps. Download speed test results are already showing 10 Gbps; and with no digging involved. Further investment in the quality of our products and services; entertainment services, multifaceted range of content, new Smart Wi-fi products and improved customer experiences.

    Overview VodafoneZiggo Q4 2020

    VodafoneZiggo Q4 2020 EN

    Overview VodafoneZiggo full year result 2020

    VodafoneZiggo jaaroverzicht 2020 EN v1_1280px.png