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    Networks’ data usage up; electricity usage down

    VodafoneZiggo publishes Impact Report 2021

    22 april 2022

    Data usage on VodafoneZiggo's networks broke records again in 2021. Electricity consumption fell by a remarkable 9% last year. This was revealed in the Impact Report 2021 the telecom company published today. VodafoneZiggo is once again taking major steps to reduce its environmental footprint. The company also focuses on innovative solutions that help society to progress.

    Last year, the Netherlands embraced working from home, people spent more time relaxing on their mobile devices and made frequent use of Internet of Things solutions, such as smart thermostats. This led to a 15% increase in data usage. The VodafoneZiggo networks successfully coped with these shifts in customer demand.

    Despite the increase in data usage, electricity consumption fell. VodafoneZiggo achieved this through various energy-saving measures, including low-energy equipment and smarter cooling systems. Furthermore, the company limits its CO2emissions by using green vehicles, such as e-scooters and cargo bikes for its technicians. Also, media boxes for watching television are getting smaller, more sustainable and more energy-efficient by using new technologies.

    People Planet Progress
    In the Impact Report 2021, VodafoneZiggo takes stock of its social and sustainability objectives. Jeroen Hoencamp, CEO of VodafoneZiggo: "We are well on the way to achieving our People Planet Progress objectives. We are working on a sustainable improvement of the entire organisation, operation and chain. The strength of our network lies in how technology can connect people, companies and society and help them move forward."

    Sustainable bonds
    The company has cut its CO2emissions by 27% compared to 2018. It aims for a 50% reduction by 2025. VodafoneZiggo is also continuing to build a sustainable capital structure. Under a new financing framework, the company issued EUR 2.1 billion in sustainable bonds last year. This enables VodafoneZiggo to link its financing strategy directly to its climate targets.

    Digital inclusion
    VodafoneZiggo also wants to help two million people progress digitally with technology in the 2020-2025 period. 20% of this target was already reached in 2021. Last year, 140,000 pupils learned digital skills to be safe, skilful and aware online with the free Online Masters teaching programme. 22% of primary schools and 63% of secondary schools have already signed up for the Online Masters curriculum. In 2021, VodafoneZiggo also organised a roundtable with policymakers and experts about the importance of digital skills as a permanent part of the school curriculum.

    VodafoneZiggo supported the acceleration of digital transformation in 2021 and helped customers to innovate. New technologies such as 5G help to solve social and environmental challenges. The Impact Report mentions cases that VodafoneZiggo developed with customers to shape tomorrow's healthcare, business and entertainment industries. For example, in 2021 the company tested the, a self-learning 5G robot that recognises and removes weeds from fields. Thanks to a fast 5G connection, the robot works much quicker, and weed removal becomes more efficient, cheaper and better for the environment because it makes pesticides superfluous. The can currently be seen at the Floriade Expo with the Growing Green Cities theme.

    Advancing together digitally
    VodafoneZiggo has invested heavily in customer satisfaction in the past year. For example, three-quarters of customers can now opt for 1 Gigabit per second internet speeds. The company also invested in nationwide 5G coverage and helped 1.2 million customers get SmartWifi pods for improved Wi-Fi coverage in the home.

    "Our networks are robust and resilient," says Jeroen Hoencamp. "Customers can rely on our networks and our people. As an example, we provided customers in Limburg's flooded areas with extra data and technicians, who repaired their internet and TV connection as quickly as possible."

    People Planet Progress Goals & KPIs