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    Once again revenue and EBITDA growth for VodafoneZiggo

    VodafoneZiggo announces second quarter figures of 2021

    30 juli 2021

    VodafoneZiggo achieved good operational and financial results once again in the second quarter, with a growth in turnover of 3%. In this way, the company is indicating that it is on course to achieving its financial objectives for 2021.

    An increasing number of customers are opting for the combination of mobile and fixed services, from both Vodafone and Ziggo. In the second quarter, 50,000 new converged SIM cards and 14,000 new converged households were added. The growth in the number of new mobile and business customers is continuing unabated and the internet customer base is stable. In addition, there has been a noticeable recovery in the roaming revenues.

    “The continuing investments in our networks and services are bearing fruit”, according to CFO Ritchy Drost. “With our GigaNet, we offer 5G coverage and all customers will be able to make use of 1 gigabit download speeds on the fixed network as early as next year. Our customers have been upgraded to higher internet speeds and with SmartWiFi, internet connections will be strengthened further. In this way, we are providing our customers with high-quality connections, watching experiences and various forms of entertainment.”

    With the upgrade of the Mediabox XL, the TV experience has also been further improved. Moreover, it’s possible to watch sports events in 4K, as with the Olympic Games at present. Within the business market, the range of business apps has been expanded in the Vodafone Business Marketplace. In addition, there is a growing demand for solutions that VodafoneZiggo offers for hybrid working and IoT solutions. The fact that customers appreciate these initiatives is reflected in a higher customer satisfaction score.

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    Highlights for Q2 2021

      • More and more households are combining fixed and mobile services with VodafoneZiggo, with 14,000 new converged households and 50,000 new converged SIMs
      • The growth in the number of new mobile and business customers is continuing unabated and the internet customer base is stable
        - Growth of 56,000 new mobile customers, as a result of which the half-yearly total stands at 117,000 net additions
        - A stable internet customer base. On balance, the total number of internet RGUs fell by 6,000, compared with a decrease of 9,000 in the previous quarter, and now stands at a total of 3.35 million internet customers
        - Growth of the business market with 7,000 internet customers and 19,000 mobile customers
      • Revenue growth of 3%, which means the ninth consecutive quarterly growth. Recovery in the roaming revenues
      • On a comparable basis, the underlying operating result (EBITDA) rose by 2% to €473 million thanks to the revenue growth and disciplined cost control.
      • €229 million (€423 million in H1) or 23% of revenue has been reinvested in the networks, systems and customer connections in order to guarantee that customers get the best services on GigaNet
      • Well on course to achieving the financial guidance this year
        - Between 1%-3% EBITDA growth
        - Reinvesting between 19% and 21% of revenue into the network infrastructure, existing and new products and into improving our services.

    Highlights for Q2 2021

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