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Results in the second quarter: Continued growth of mobile and business services

29 juli 2022

The financial results of VodafoneZiggo in the second quarter of 2022 are in line with expectations. That was announced by the telecom company today. The company reports growth in its mobile and business services. The turnover has remained pretty much stable at 1.001 billion euros compared with the second quarter of the previous year. VodafoneZiggo is on course to achieve its financial objectives for 2022.

Customers of VodafoneZiggo have access to the best fixed network in the Netherlands and one of the best mobile networks in the world. This quarter, 500,000 households were connected to Ziggo’s gigabit speeds, which means almost 90% of Ziggo’s service area has access to 1 gigabit download speeds. This year, 22 to 24% of the total turnover will be invested back into the network and services of VodafoneZiggo.

Experience and customer satisfaction
In April, Ziggo launched the new, energy-efficient media box Next Mini. In the space of three months, 55,000 customers have started using the media box. This means they have access to ultra-sharp 4K image quality, voice control and streaming services. The first NPS measurements show that customers have responded positively to the media box.

VodafoneZiggo is also offering customers more entertainment outside of their homes. Recently, the company extended its partnership with the Ziggo Dome for another ten years. The Priority loyalty programme is gaining a more prominent role in the collaboration with the Ziggo Dome. For example, customers will be given priority when booking concert tickets for certain events, and will enjoy other benefits such as a special Priority entrance and a cloakroom.

Investment in GigaNet
This year VodafoneZiggo is connecting 100% of its service area to 1 gigabit download speeds. Meanwhile, the company is also preparing itself for DOCSIS 4.0. This is the next generation of technology, which supports higher gigabit speeds, greater reliability, stricter security and an ultra-short latency. In the future, DOCSIS 4.0. will open the door to applications that demand more from the network in terms of speed and customer experience. Examples include holographics, virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

Ritchy Drost, Chief Financial Officer VodafoneZiggo: ‘The GigaNet allows us to provide essential connectivity and entertainment. In the past quarter, we have really delivered on our promises. With increased internet speeds, the rollout of the new Next Mini media box and SmartWiFi pods at almost 50% of our customers, we are creating the very best customer experience.’

Highlights of the second quarter

  • The number of fixed customers stabilised. This is a significant improvement compared with previous quarters.
  • Customers that combine Vodafone and Ziggo are buying more and more products. This quarter, the number of mobile SIM cards in the ‘converged’ customer group increased by 16,200 SIM cards.
  • The mobile turnover showed the highest growth in the past five years. This turnover grew by 4.3% more than in the same quarter last year.
  • For the sixth quarter in a row, the turnover in the business segment rose by 4.5% and grew in both fixed (7,100 new internet connections) and mobile (22,700 new mobile connections).
  • This quarter, EBITDA fell by 2.4% Tas a result of a slight decrease in turnover of 0.7%. The rising costs caused by persistent inflation also contributed to a decrease in EBITDA.
  • The number of customers that are using the SmartWiFi pods increased by 100,000, meaning that almost 50% of Ziggo customers are using these pods for an optimal in-home WiFi experience.
  • In July, Ziggo increased internet speeds for many subscriptions, including for business customers. On average, the download speed rose by 30% and the upload speed by 50%.
  • Ajax announced that, as of the coming season, the name of Vodafone and Ziggo’s powerful GigaNet network will be given a more prominent place on the new Ajax shirt.
  • In the second quarter, Ziggo Sport secured the rights to the Spanish football competition LaLiga until 2029. In addition, the successful Ziggo Sport Race Café is expanding its programming for the rest of the year with an extra pre-race show on race weekends.
  • In June, the Instant Network team of the Vodafone Foundation collaborated with Movement on the Ground to install a WiFi network at a Polish orphanage that is home to 120 orphaned children from Ukraine. In addition, Ziggo is making the channel Nickelodeon Ukraine temporarily available. As of June, VodafoneZiggo, together with the municipality of Gooise Meren, is housing 130 colleagues from VodafoneZiggo Ukraine and their families in a temporary refugee shelter. They were invited by VodafoneZiggo to attend the charity match between Ajax and Shakhtar Donetsk on 26 July.
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