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Visitors to Canal Parade to become role models in Vodafone campaign

3 augustus 2022

During the Canal Parade on Saturday 6 August, Vodafone's 'Real Models' campaign will feature realistic role models on the streets of Amsterdam. That’s because visitors to Pride can themselves become role models as part of this campaign. The images will be immediately visible on 106 digital screens throughout the city. The aim is to show a wide and diverse range of role models.

Role models can have a positive and inspiring influence on everyone's development. LGBTQ+ young people often have fewer role models in their immediate environment with whom they can identify, meaning the majority of these young people find their role models in the media. That’s why it’s so important to have a broad and recognisable representation in the media that is not based on stereotypes.

Realistic role models
During this year's Utrecht Pride, 600 visitors shared a photo and story about 'what freedom means to them'. Now it is the turn of Amsterdam Pride visitors to create their own campaign poster. This can be done in the specially designed photobooth on the Westermarkt. Photos, including quotes, will be immediately visible on digital screens in the city - allowing visitors to become part of the ‘Real Models’ campaign.

Own employees as role models
The first proud role models are part of VodafoneZiggo's Queers Connected' employee network. Campaign posters can be seen in Amsterdam city centre in the run-up to the Canal Parade. "With Queers Connected, we are creating an open and safe working environment for LGBT+ colleagues," says Steven Kroon, chair of the Queers Connected network. "During the Utrecht Canal Pride, we collected authentic stories from the LGBT+ community, and portrayed them as real role models in the city. I look forward to doing the same in Amsterdam. We know only too well how liberating it feels to be able to be yourself, and how important it is to inspire others in the community."

VodafoneZiggo helps to build an inclusive society and positive working environment for their queer colleagues not only during Pride, but all year round. ‘Diversity, Equity & Inclusion’ (DE&I) is a component of company strategy.

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