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    VodafoneZiggo achieves good results in ‘pre-corona’ quarter

    6 mei 2020

    For the fourth consecutive quarter, VodafoneZiggo’s turnover has increased, this time by 3% compared to Q1 2019. This stable turnover growth was mainly the result of the growth in fixed consumer and business markets and that in the mobile consumer market, where mobile phone sales increased. The corona crisis did not impact VodafoneZiggo’s activities until the last weeks of the first 2020 quarter. For this reason, the impact on the Q1 results was limited.

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    - Despite strong competition, VodafoneZiggo has achieved commercial growth in this quarter as well, after 12 consecutive quarters: + 72,000 mobile (post paid) customers + 10,000 fixed internet customers.

    - Customers continue to appreciate the strategic focus on convergence. 70% of private Vodafone customers and 41% of Ziggo customers purchase products from both brands. In terms of numbers, we gained 73,000 mobile customers and 39,000 fixed customers who purchase a combined product this quarter. In total, this amounts to 1.4 million homes or 2.2 million mobile customers.

    - Continued increase of the operating profit OCF (Operating Cash Flow), this quarter with 5% compared to Q1 2019. This increase is in line with the previous seven quarters.

    - Compared to Q1 2019, our net profit has increased by €28 million to €74 million, which is an increase of 61%.

    - Vodafone has activated 5G in more than half of the Netherlands. It will be available in the entire country by the end of July. New and existing Vodafone customers with 5G in their subscription and a suitable device with the latest software will be able to use 5G in the coverage area. Outside of the coverage area, the device will automatically switch back to 4G.

    - VodafoneZiggo maintains its ambitions for 2020 and is expecting a modest profit.