VodafoneZiggo has again been awarded a gold medal from EcoVadis, an authority in business sustainability ratings. This positions VodafoneZiggo among the top 5% of best-performing companies. The outcome underscores VodafoneZiggo's ongoing commitment to a fair and sustainable supply chain, achieved through close collaboration with suppliers. 

EcoVadis assesses companies on their sustainability practices in the key areas of Labour & Human Rights, Environment, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement. In the most recent evaluation, VodafoneZiggo achieved a score of 72 out of 100, improving on their 2022 rating.


Sustainable and ethical purchasing
Before VodafoneZiggo's products and services reach the customer, they undergo a comprehensive production and logistical process. The company aims to ensure that this entire journey is undertaken in a responsible and sustainable manner, from working conditions to reducing environmental impact. VodafoneZiggo establishes agreements with its suppliers on these matters, which are comprehensively documented in its Code of Sustainable and Ethical Purchasing.

Additionally, the EcoVadis platform serves as an important tool to gain insights into the sustainable and ethical trading practices of suppliers. By the end of 2023, VodafoneZiggo onboarded 299 of their key suppliers, with a goal of reaching 325 in 2024 and striving for 350 in 2025.
Setting standards
VodafoneZiggo assists its suppliers to achieve at least a bronze EcoVadis medal themselves (50/100 score). Through active collaboration, VodafoneZiggo helps suppliers understand and meet these requirements, striving for continuous improvement. John Werry, Director of Procurement at VodafoneZiggo, emphasizes, "We view this as a collaborative process between VodafoneZiggo and our suppliers, working together to ensure a clear understanding of the requirements and how to achieve them."

In addition to the baseline EcoVadis assessment, VodafoneZiggo started utilizing a specific carbon action module in 2023. By encouraging suppliers to share their carbon-reduction policies, goals, and data, VodafoneZiggo gains valuable insights into their GHG emissions and waste, refining the calculation of their value chain footprint.

Putting people and planet first
Despite the challenges of balancing responsible purchasing with the need for high-quality yet affordable products, VodafoneZiggo remains committed to its ambition for a sustainable and ethical supply chain. John Werry emphasizes: "In the coming years, we will continue to enhance and monitor the sustainability of procurement at VodafoneZiggo, striving for even better performance and more transparency in our value chain. This also benefits our customers, who increasingly seek products and services with a positive impact on society."