Today, VodafoneZiggo publishes its first Integrated Annual Report. The company's renewed strategy, focused on delivering the best possible customer experience, takes center stage. VodafoneZiggo's ambitions in the areas of climate, (digital) social inclusion, and governance are firmly embedded in the strategy. This marks an important step towards the future Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

In its Integrated Report 2022, VodafoneZiggo provides comprehensive insight into its financial results as well as its impact on people and the environment. This marks a significant step in preparation for the CSRD, an European directive which will require companies to report in more detail on their sustainability performance starting from the 2024 fiscal year.

Progress towards sustainable goals
VodafoneZiggo showcases in its Integrated Report the progress of its societal and sustainability ambitions. The company aims to reduce its CO2 emissions by 50% compared to 2018 by 2025, and emissions have already decreased by 30%.
To achieve this goal, VodafoneZiggo is implementing measures to increase the efficiency of its network. Despite the rising data usage on the network in 2022, electricity consumption continues to decrease. In addition, the company is reducing the CO2 emissions of its employees by using electric vehicles, such as e-scooters, for their technicians. Finally, VodafoneZiggo is reducing the energy consumption of its customers through energy-efficient products and services. The new Mediabox Next Mini consumes only 2.5 to 5 watts of power, making it 90% more energy-efficient than its predecessor. Moreover, Internet of Things solutions enable efficient operations and improved customer experience.

Advancing society
VodafoneZiggo aims to help two million people in society move forward between 2020 and 2025. Last year, VodafoneZiggo's programs reached over 200,000 people.
The report includes various cases that illustrate how VodafoneZiggo is contributing to advancing society. These range from a specially developed educational program to help pupils stay safe online, to setting up mobile emergency networks in border areas around Ukraine. "While our technology expands worlds and narrows distances, we work hard to ensure that no one is left behind," said Jeroen Hoencamp, CEO of VodafoneZiggo.

Growing with customer needs
VodafoneZiggo connects millions of people in the Netherlands every day. Its fixed and mobile networks have been among the best in the world for years. To maintain this leading position, the company made significant investments in its fixed and mobile networks in 2022. By the end of 2022, VodafoneZiggo became the first provider in the Netherlands to offer internet speeds of up to 1 Gigabit per second.

"Our customers rely on us for something that has become essential: a reliable connection. That's why we invest heavily in a safe and stable network that grows with the changing needs of our customers in the digital world," said Ritchy Drost, CFO of VodafoneZiggo.

Home of entertainment
In addition, VodafoneZiggo focuses on providing a distinctive entertainment offering for its customers, including exclusive TV rights for UEFA club football. High-quality streaming services, such as Disney+, have also been added to the Ziggo platform. The entertainment and sports offerings go beyond the screen, with the Priority program allowing customers to receive priority access to events such as concerts and sports matches.

Financial performance
Despite broader macroeconomic challenges, VodafoneZiggo ended 2022 on a positive note and delivered on all of the 2022 guidance with stable revenue and Adjusted EBITDA AL. Through disciplined cost control, the company managed to absorb significant cost inflation in primarily energy and wage costs. As a result, the Adjusted EBITDA AL (EBITDA after leases) remained stable year-on-year. VodafoneZiggo invested nearly €950 million (23.3% of our revenue) into their networks, product and services to expand network capacity and coverage as well as to continuously improve customer experience.

VodafoneZiggo's Integrated Annual Report 2022 is available online.

Integrated Report VodafoneZiggo 2022