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    VodafoneZiggo starts new brand campaign: GigaNet

    23 september 2019

    GigaNet. This is the term VodafoneZiggo has chosen to describe the network of the two brands together. The first campaign about GigaNet will go live on internet, TV and radio, 23 September.

    "The name GigaNet underlines the power of the joint network of Vodafone and Ziggo", says Marcel de Groot, director Consumer Market. "People, companies and devices are more and more interconnected. As a result, there is a growing demand for a fast and reliable data exchange. VodafoneZiggo responds to new technologies and is building an innovative network. Our technology is smart, stable, fast. And ready for the future."

    For the second year in a row, the Vodafone network has been rewarded with a 9.6 and is subsequently one of the best in Europe, according to the P3 survey. For nine consecutive years, Tweakers has acclaimed Ziggo as 'best internet provider of the Netherlands'. VodafoneZiggo continues its investments to uphold this high quality standard.

    Powerful combination
    The merger of Vodafone and Ziggo in 2017 was aimed at offering customers even more benefits by combining products and services. For this the company has two superb, innovative networks for fixed and mobile, says Marcel de Groot, Executive Director Consumer Market. "Since the merger we have been communicating through our separate brands Vodafone and Ziggo, focusing on our products and the power of our networks. That approach works well as our brands have a strong position in the market. In order to communicate about our networks with even more impact, we now introduce one overarching network name, GigaNet."

    "Many of our customers use fixed as well as mobile services. There is an increased convergence in the use of these networks. For instance, people watch their favourite series on their Media Box and continue watching it via their smartphone. For that reason VodafoneZiggo has now opted for the combined name Giganet."

    What does GigaNet offer already?

    • Ziggo provides internet with download speeds of up to 500/600 Mbit/s, Vodafone 4G+ provides data speeds up to 225 Mbit/s
    • Vodafone has the largest mobile 4G network in the world
    • GigaNet enables companies to work smarter. By working in the cloud and using applications like video calling employees can work more efficiently which increases their productivity.
    • GigaNet connects millions of IoT devices (Internet of Things). From drones in agriculture to video equipment in healthcare, from smart dyke monitoring to saving energy in buildings.
    • In cooperation with hospitals VodafoneZiggo is developing an integrated network, which improves the logistical process and its efficiency.

    What does GigaNet mean in the future?

    • VodafoneZiggo aims to further increase internet speeds.
      Utrecht will become the first Dutch city with internet download speeds of up to 1 Gigabit per second, with the rest of the Netherlands to follow within two years.
    • GigaNet enables full leverage of the possibilities of IoT. Examples are safe LED street lighting, parking sensors guiding you towards a free parking spot without having to drive in circles, 'smart farming' or performing remote medical operations.
    • With GigaNet we prepare ourselves for 5G. In other words, higher speeds, more network capacity and ultrashort response times on a mobile phone.
    • More possibilities for streaming, gaming, downloading, experiencing live music, live matches and virtual reality.

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