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VodafoneZiggo stores keep warmth inside on cold days

17 november 2022

Since Tuesday 15 November, all VodafoneZiggo stores have been keeping the warmth inside wherever possible. The stores are open as usual, but the entrance doors remain closed. This is a lot more sustainable than using a door heater. Per store, this realises a significant CO2 reduction as door heaters guzzle electricity. Saving energy is high on VodafoneZiggo’s agenda.

VodafoneZiggo has more than 100 stores, 74 of which have their doors closed during opening hours. After work to modify the store facade, which will be done in the next few weeks,another 13 will do the same. The doors will stay open at the remaining stores because they includes stores in covered shopping centres and locations where no further energy savings can be made.

Sharp fall in gas consumption
Since last year, the consumption of gas by VodafoneZiggo retail (which includes the stores) has fallen sharply. In 2021, retail achieved a 32% saving and we expect further savings to be realised in 2022. The saving in 2021 amounted to almost 97,000 m3 in gas, which is equivalent to the consumption of around 80 Dutch households.

50% less CO2 in 2025
Reducing gas consumption is part of VodafoneZiggo’s ambition to significantly reduce its energy footprint. By 2025, it wants to reduce its overall CO2 emissions by 50% compared to 2018. Around half of the target has already been achieved halfway to that deadline, so the company is on track. Closing store doors is one of the many options VodafoneZiggo sees for realising the reduction, through both large and small measures.

One of the 74 stores that now closes its doors is the branch in Breda. While the doors may be closed, customers immediately see the ‘We are open’ sign and know they are welcome, as always. Team manager Mandy Vereggen from the Vodafone store in Breda adds: “By closing the store doors, we can ensure that the climate inside remains pleasant, so that it’s never too cold or too warm and you don’t need the heating on all the time. Customers also prefer it. We’ve had many positive reactions and if anyone has difficulty entering the store, we help them. That’s never a problem”

In the coming months, VodafoneZiggo will gather customer responses from the stores. We will also find out what our colleagues think and monitor energy consumption per store.

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