Ziggo customers in the Rotterdam region will switch from analogue to digital radio via cable on Tuesday 6 July. After switching to digital TV, Ziggo is now also switching analogue radio to fully digital. The entire Netherlands will have to switch to digital radio by the end of 2021. Currently, about 95% of the Dutch population use a method other than an analogue cable signal to listen to the radio. Ziggo is the last provider that offers analogue radio via cable in the Netherlands; all the others have already switched off analogue radio via cable.

Ziggo is ready to help any customers finding the switch from analogue to digital problematic. Clients can switch to digital radio in two ways: via their TV or media box, or via a digital radio receiver. No changes are required to listen via the media box or TV, provided these were made after 2010. If clients prefer to listen via a digital radio receiver, they can buy such a device from Ziggo or an electronics store. A digital radio receiver is easy to install with the supplied manual. Clients who prefer to continue to listen via an analogue signal can receive the signal broadcast over the air with an FM antenna. Clients who have a radio without an FM antenna can order a free FM antenna from the Ziggo website, or collect one from a Vodafone or Ziggo store.

Switching radio to digital
In each region, Ziggo is notifying clients well in advance of the local switching date. Ziggo customers who do not listen to the radio via the media box or TV but via a separate radio can find out if they are already listening to digital radio by checking whether a coaxial cable is connected to the radio in addition to the power supply. If no coaxial cable is connected in addition to the power supply, it means the signal is not coming from the cable. If a coaxial cable is connected to the radio in addition to the power supply, tune the radio to 98.8 FM. If the message from Ziggo can be heard at the frequency, it means an analogue radio signal is being received via cable. If this is the case, more information on switching to digital can be found at ziggo.nl/luisterdigitaal.

Region by region
After the Rotterdam region, Ziggo will continue to make the switch throughout the Netherlands, region by region. The switch from analogue to digital radio will free up space for Ziggo on the network. This will allow customers to use all kinds of future applications via our network.

Places in the Rotterdam region


Help with the switch
Clients will receive a letter or email with more information. To help customers with the conversion, Ziggo is deploying extra staff at its call centres and existing service points.

For more information and explanation about this project, see our website: 'Listen to digital radio for the best signal'.

You can also read this background article about the purpose of our switch to digital.