Analogue TV and radio leave field to superfast internet

Analogue TV and radio leave field to superfast internet

Robert Webbe about the turnaround – from analogue to digital

I’ve been watching digital TV for years. I love the benefits, a sharper image and more channels, without extra costs. In March 2018 we started a large-scale operation to help the remaining few people with analogue TV to switch over to the digital TV signal. Radio listeners are making the same move.

Region by region we inform customers well in advance by letter and email and we help everyone with the switch before the analogue signal is discontinued in their region.

Discontinuing the analogue signal frees up a lot of bandwidth. With the advantage of a faster, more stable and smarter internet connection as a result. This not only benefits people watching digital TV, but all VodafoneZiggo internet users. Last year, the regions Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Capelle aan den IJssel and The Hague already made the switch and more than a million customers in these big cities now watch TV in a fully digital way. After switching to digital TV, Ziggo is now also switching analogue radio to fully digital. In the course of the first quarter of 2022, the whole of the Netherlands has switched to digital radio. Currently, about 95% of the Dutch population use a method other than an analogue cable signal to listen to the radio.

Assistance in switching over
Focus point in this operation is the ‘do the switch’ campaign. It’s aimed at helping customers in the region in question to switch over to digital.

Almost everyone has a flat-screen TV with built-in digital receiver. With a digital signal (using the same cable) the television set needs to be programmed slightly differently. This is explained in a simple way on Analogue radio listeners are being helped at Still need help? Then our customer service employees are there for you. There you can get help during the final steps towards the digital era.

Room for new technologies
Even though the number of viewers still using the analogue signal is very limited, it does take up a lot of bandwidth. Digital technology enables a more efficient use of that space. If these last few viewers no longer need the analogue signal, a lot of space is released for e.g. new television channels. But also for new technologies, from which all VodafoneZiggo users benefit.

Superfast internet
One new technology that all VodafoneZiggo users will profit from in future, is DOCSIS 3.1, you could say the 5G of the cable. This enhances the network capacity of the existing TV cable. At the moment, we are already switching users in serveral regions over to digital TV. With DOCSIS 3.1 they can download and upload at much higher speeds.

Together we create the space to make this possible – en route to a faster and better future.

Robert Webbe

Robert Webbe is a learning specialist at VodafoneZiggo. He has been watching technological trends going back to 1985. He wants to know all the ins and outs and preferably experiences new products and services himself. He loves to share those experiences with others, like he does here.