More than 2 million customers with a Connectbox* modem have automatically received a free software update from Ziggo. The new software turns the modem into a SmartWifi modem, and enables customers to set up a mesh wifi network easily. To make sure customers also enjoy the best wifi experience throughout the home or office, Ziggo is launching matching SmartWifi pods in the form of socket plugs. It’s easy to install the pods and optimise a wifi network with the SmartWifi app, which was launched in April.

Thanks to the software update, a mesh WiFi network automatically switches to the best frequency, chooses the fastest wifi point, and distributes wifi signals according to use in the home or office. The rollout of the software update for more than 2 million Ziggo customers has been completed without a hitch today. Customers without a (white) Connectbox* modem can still use a mesh wifi network by installing TP-Link Deco M4 wifi boosters.

SmartWifi pods
Together with the modem software update, the new SmartWifi pods create a mesh wifi network throughout your home or office. For more information about buying the pods, visit the Ziggo website.

Ziggo SmartWifi pods

“Smart Wifi's intelligent software is self-learning,” says Marcel de Groot, Consumer Market Director. “Data is used to improve a customer’s wifi network easily and automatically. The configuration takes around 24 hours, following which the software continues to learn and make minor improvements if necessary.”

SmartWifi app
The SmartWifi app includes a manual explaining how to install the pods, but you must first update the app. You can also optimise the network with the Home Scan function in the app.

Hybrid working
Working from home has become the norm for many people, and various companies have recently switched to a hybrid working policy. The need for a fast, stable wifi network is more acute than ever. Thanks to the free software update and matching wifi pods, we meet these customers' needs.

*Connectbox is Ziggo's modem. It has been supplied to customers since 2016 (see photo).

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Bright (RTL Nederland) has reviewed the modem software update and the pods, see the video below (in Dutch).