Digital life

Digital life

The digital society offers many opportunities. It provides people with ample room for self-fulfilment, ways to contact each other and easily exchange ideas in less than no time. At the same time, the increasing digitization confronts society with important challenges. How do we ensure digital technology benefits all people, leaving no-one behind? How do we ensure everyone has sufficient digital skills to get on in life? 

Digital media impact our life more and more. They impact the way we experience time, our contacts with others, our view of the world and even our own health. How do we ensure the effects of digital media are primarily positive? How can we maintain a healthy balance in a society that becomes increasingly digital?

VodafoneZiggo wants everyone to be able to participate in the digital society, in a responsible way. To keep up with digitization it is important for people to develop digital skills. 

With our programmes we focus on three target groups: pupils, senior citizens and families.

Promising future for children

Familiarize senior citizens and families with the digital world

Collaboration with other parties