At the moment, only a limited number of schools pay attention to teaching practical digital knowledge. To create equal opportunities, however, it is crucial that all children are properly educated on this subject. After all, a few years from now, two out of every three children will have a job in which digital skills are fundamentally important. VodafoneZiggo adopts a strong stance on adequate digital education.

Teaching programme Online Masters
The free and interactive teaching programme Online Masters helps children increase their digital skills. They learn about the digital world and how to be online in a competent, safe and conscious way. Online Masters is a free teaching programme for pupils between 11 and 15 year, in which digital experts explain how the digital world works. The programme is geared towards the senior section of primary education and the lower years of secondary education. Online Masters also involves parents by assignments that need to be done at home.

VodafoneZiggo developed Online Masters together with ECP/ and So far, 250 VodafoneZiggo employees have given introductory lessons in more than a hundred Dutch municipalities. With the teaching programme we aim to reach 200,000 pupils throughout the country each year.

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Experience Days
During the Experience Days we familiarize young people in an informal setting with technology and provide them with a look behind the scenes at VodafoneZiggo. Pupils from the two senior years of primary education and the first two years of secondary education attend workshops by employees teaching them how to programme and how to strip cables – remove the plastic sheath of an electrical cable with the use of a special tool.

The Experience Days mainly focus on children from socially and economically deprived neighbourhoods, who have few role models to inspire them. In this, VodafoneZiggo cooperates with JINC, an organization helping children to acquire more insight into the job market and their own talents. In 2017, 1,671 pupils attended the Experience Days.

Digital Life Experience

In our central office’s Experience Centre, in the city centre of Utrecht, we will be offering pupils and other visitors a Digital Life Experience.