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The Vodafone Netherlands Foundation has been using technology since 2002 to improve the lives of people in a vulnerable position. As an independent organisation, the Foundation forms part of a global network of 27 Vodafone Foundations. Through our unique network of foundations, we can respond to specific social needs in the areas of health, education and disaster relief in countries where Vodafone is active. Read more here about our international activities.

Vision, mission and strategy
We want everyone to participate in the digital world. That's the reason behind our commitment to help 1.6 million people get connected in the period 2020-2025. For example, we will be helping young and old develop digital skills, and using our technology to bring people in difficult situations into contact with their family and friends. Developing digital skills and gaining access to digital solutions can reduce socio-economic inequalities and the chances of social exclusion. In addition, the Foundation organises volunteer activities for its employees. We intend to reach more than 250,000 million people with our programmes each year.


Key objectives
1) Skills
: developing digital skills of young and old through programmes such as the Online Masters, Experience Days and Welcome Online in order to increase personal opportunity. Read more >>

2) Solutions: making technological solutions available that promote social participation, such as through Allies (Bondgenoten) and Instant Network. Read more >>

3) Partnerships & Engagement: collaborating with foundations dedicated to social inclusion.


Online Masters: a learning programme for students in primary and secondary school that helps increase their digital skills. View the programme Online Masters (Dutch) or watch the video.

Welcome Online: a learning programme for older learners that helps them navigate the digital world, in partnership with the National Seniors Fund (Nationaal Ouderenfonds). View the programme Welcome Online (Dutch) or watch the video.

Experience Days: tech workshops for children from disadvantaged areas held at our offices.

Instant Network: specially trained employees who travel to disaster areas, for example after hurricane destruction, in order to set up a temporary network so that emergency services and local population can connect with one another. Read more or watch the video.

Allies (Bondgenoten): a robot for children who are suffering from a prolonged illness so that they can remain in contact with their school, friends and family, in partnership with the Child and Hospital Foundation. Read more or watch the video.

DreamLab: an app that uses the processing power of smartphones to speed up calculations for medical research. Watch the video (see above).

Employee involvement
Employees can get involved in supporting young or older learners in the Online Masters, Experience Days or Welcome Online programmes. In 2020 we will be launching the online platform 'Step Up for Good', where employees can sign up as volunteers for one of these activities. The goal is to use the platform to inform employees about the activities and how they should prepare for their role as volunteer. Nearly 500 employees registered in 2019/2020.

Partnerships and donations 2019/2020
NL ICT: we are a member of the Education working group. Members in this network work together to build the education and labour market of the future. The goal is to increase digital know-how and skills, on the one hand, and to reduce the shortage of IT talent, on the other.

JINC: helps children get a good start in the labour market and is our partner in the Experience Days programme. JINC links us up with schools in socio-economically disadvantaged areas.

Child and Hospital Foundation: is the patient organisation for children who are receiving medical care and our partner in the Allies (Bondgenoten) programme. Child and Hospital processes applications for and distribution of robots, and maintains contact with parents and schools.

The National Seniors Fund: actively supports seniors in the Netherlands and stimulates them to remain socially active and aware. The Seniors Fund is our partner in the Welcome Online Programme. They organise group sessions for Welcome Online, match volunteers with seniors for individual support, and set up a Welcome Online Helpdesk during lockdown.

Digital Society Alliance (Alliantie Digitaal Samenleven): set up in 2019 in partnership with Sound & Image, Electronic Commerce Platform (ECP), Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, and Number 5 Foundation. The goal is to identify the urgency of digital balance and digital inclusion, and to bring these to the attention of a wider public. We are active in the working group for families and seniors.

ECP | Platform for the Information Society: is an independent and neutral platform where government, science, business, educational and social organisations can collaborate in public-private partnerships and exchange information about how to create a responsible digital society. We are members of ECP and active in the Digiskills programme. ECP was involved in developing our programmes in the area of digital skills.

VHTO: we work together with the national expertise centre girls/women and science/techonology. Each year we organise a Girlsday where 150-200 girls participate in a variety of workshops at VodafoneZiggo offices, with the goal of introducing them to technology and ICT.

Media Literacy Network: has the goal of ensuring everyone in the Netherlands grows up and lives media-literate life, and supports us in developing and distributing our programmes in the area of digital skills.

Future Society: In 2018, together with consultancy firm DFFRNT Media, VodafoneZiggo founded Future Society NL. This is a platform where experts share their vision with a wider public about how we can best use digital technology. The participating scientists, entrepreneurs, politicians, artists and ethicists together try to find answers to important questions about the role of technology.

Donations in 2019/2020
The Disabled Sports Fund (Fonds Gehandicaptensport): from 2017 through 2020, the Disabled Sports Fund has received a yearly donation to make it possible for everyone with a disability to participate in a sport, to increase the range of sports on offer and to attract more attention to the issue of sport for the disabled.

Cruyff Foundation: from 2017 through 2019, the Cruyff Foundation received a yearly donation to connect Dutch youth and help them move forward.

Jostiband: we are 'Friends of Jostiband' and supporters of the band from 2016-2020.

The following charities received a donation from the funds collected during our sporting event Connect Run:

- National Seniors Fund for the Welcome Online programme.

- Child & Hospital Foundation for the Allies (Bondgenoten) programme.

- SAM& for the acquisition of laptops for children living in poverty so that they can participate in the Online Masters programme.

The National Seniors Fund received the proceeds of VodafoneZiggo's Christmas Auction.

Employee fundraising
- Sporting events for charities, such as the Connect Run

- Matched funding: we match the amount that employees raise for charities.

- Christmas Auction

Organisation and management
Vodafone Netherlands Foundation is a foundation registered with the Chamber of Commerce since 5 September 2002. The Foundation is funded by VodafoneZiggo (VodafoneZiggo Group Holding BV) and Vodafone Group Foundation (Vodafone Group Plc). All donations made by VodafoneZiggo are channelled through the Vodafone Netherlands Foundation.

Full name: Stichting Vodafone Netherlands Foundation
RSIN: 811241051
Street address: Avenue Ceramique 300, 6221KX Maastricht
Postal address: P.O. Box 1500, 6201BM Maastricht

The management board consists of three VodafoneZiggo employees and two external board members who advise on the strategy and future direction, and monitor implementation of strategy and financial accountability. The board members do not receive remuneration for their work for Vodafone Foundation. They are, however, entitled to travel expense reimbursement.

- Louise Meijer, Chair and Director of Brand, Communication & CSR at VodafoneZiggo

- Robin Kroes, Treasurer and Executive Director of Strategy Insights & Integration at VodafoneZiggo

- Sherry Rafiq, board member and Director of Internal Communication & Engagement at VodafoneZiggo

- Pieter Paul van Oerle, external board member and Strategy Director at The Next Web

- Heleen Crielaard, external board member

Financial accountability
Below you can find and download the annual reports for Vodafone Netherlands Foundation for the last five years.