Vodafone Foundation

Vodafone Foundation

Vodafone Netherlands Foundation

Since 2002, the Vodafone Foundation has been using mobile technology to improve the lives of people in a vulnerable position. In addition, the foundation organizes volunteering activities for employees.


- Independent organization with ANBI status

- Registered at the Chamber of Commerce since 5 September 2002

- Part of a global network of 27 Vodafone Foundations

- Financial contributions from VodafoneZiggo BV and Vodafone Group Plc

- All donations by VodafoneZiggo are channelled through the Vodafone Netherlands Foundation


Full name: Stichting Vodafone Netherlands Foundation
RSIN number: 811241051
Visiting address: Avenue Céramique 300, 6221 KX Maastricht
Mail address: P.O. Box 1500, 6201 BM Maastricht

Our global mission is 'Connecting for Good': leveraging the power of Vodafone’s communication technology to make a difference in the world. There is a network of 27 local Vodafone Foundations. Because of this unique foundation network we can respond to social needs in areas like health, education and disaster relief in the countries where Vodafone operates. Read more about our international activities.

The board is made up of two VodafoneZiggo employees and one external member supervising the implementation of the strategy and the financial accounts.

- Louise Meijer, chairman and Director Brand & Communication, VodafoneZiggo

- Arie de Zeeuw, treasurer, external

- Sherry Rafiq, member and Director Internal Communication & Engagement, VodafoneZiggo

Remuneration policy
Board members are not remunerated for their work for the Vodafone Foundation. They are entitled to claim expenses.

Mission and vision

VISION – Lack of digital skills increases inequality and the risk of social exclusion. To get on in life and to participate in society, digital skills are essential.

MISSION – Prevent social exclusion by enabling people to participate in the digital society.

RESULT – Reach 200,000 people each year with our programmes. Touch the lives of 1 million people in 2022.

IMPACT – Inclusion and reducing inequality through teaching programmes and digital solutions

The Vodafone Foundation wants everyone to have the opportunity to fully participate in the digital society. With our technology and foundation programmes we want to realize progress in the lives of vulnerable groups in particular, and by doing so bridge the inequality gap. To realize our mission, we focus on two points: developing skills to maximize opportunities and providing digital solutions to encourage social participation.

We have three strategic pillars:
1) Digital Life skills, a school curriculum to teach digital skills to children and young people from deprived neighbourhoods in particular. Read more here
2) Digital Solutions 4 Good, using technological solutions to encourage social participation. Read more here
3) Social sponsorships, partnerships with foundations that focus primarily on social participation of young people


  • JINC
  • ECP / Samen Digiwijzer
  • Technology pact
  • Kids and Hospital Foundation
  • Kids Council
  • Creditors’ coalition


  • Cruyff Foundation
  • Fund Disability sport
  • Emma at Work
  • Child porn reporting centre
  • Josti band

Employee engagement:

  • Sport events for charity like the Connect Run
  • Matched Funding – doubling the amount employees collect for charity

Financial accounts
Annual report Vodafone Foundation 2018-2019 [PDF]

Annual report Vodafone Foundation 2017-2018 [PDF]

Annual report Vodafone Foundation 2016-2017 [PDF]

Annual report Vodafone Foundation 2015-2016 [PDF]