Doing business fast and responsibly with GigaNet

Doing business fast and responsibly with GigaNet

Marcel de Groot on benefits for companies

GigaNet is the new name for the powerful network of Vodafone and Ziggo. A network that companies can hugely benefit from, says Marcel de Groot, director Consumer Market.

"On their way to the office, employees start work on a document in the cloud. Once behind their desk, they continue – together with colleagues at other locations, with whom they liaise through video calls. Thanks to the high speed and the seamless convergence of fixed and mobile they improve their efficiency ánd productivity."

People, companies and devices are more and more connected, Marcel explains. "As a result, entrepreneurs and their employees have an increasing need to exchange data fast and reliably. At Vodafone and Ziggo we enable that by anticipating new technologies and by implementing them into our innovative network. With GigaNet we are ready for the future. And as a result, so are our enterprise customers."

Seamless connection
Two years ago, Vodafone and Ziggo joined forces. Since then, the number of companies using this powerful combination is steadily increasing. Marcel: "With VodafoneZiggo they benefit from a seamless connection between our mobile and fixed services. In one go they are offered access to the largest 4G network in the world, the Vodafone network, ánd the fixed network of Ziggo that has coverage throughout almost the entire Netherlands, offering unprecedented high speeds. The download speed offered by Ziggo is already up to 1 Gigabit per second in the city of Utrecht and surrounding areas. At the end of next year that speed will be provided to two thirds of our customers in the Netherlands, with attractive packages and fixed tariffs."

More efficient and productive
Even without looking at the figures, the practical benefits for the business sector are huge, according to Marcel. With GigaNet Vodafone and Ziggo offer a fast connection between people and businesses. "Companies have everything they need to do business smartly. Their employees can work in the cloud independent of time and location and use video-calling for example. In that way they improve their efficiency and productivity."

Unprecedented possibilities
With GigaNet Vodafone and Ziggo not only support businesses in their current service-provision, they also create new business opportunities. Marcel explicitly points to the role the network plays in the rapid development of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Dyke control through IoT
"GigaNet already connects millions of IoT devices, as we speak", he says. "In dyke control, for example, sensors are used that issue a warning when the water tension changes. Refuse containers send out a signal when it’s time to empty them, enabling refuse vehicles to drive more efficient routes. Cities use IoT to track rented bikes, so users no longer need to hand in their two-wheeler at a bicycle shelter."

5G on its way
And that is only the beginning, Marcel knows. Vodafone and Ziggo are preparing GigaNet for the arrival of 5G. That technology will not only offer enterprise users even higher speeds on their mobile phone, it will also increase the possibilities of IoT. Many more devices can then be connected, which means companies can link a lot more data sources.

'Driving guide' in the bus
Marcel believes IoT also enables options that are interesting from an environmental perspective. "With 80% of all the IoT connections we provide, customers are reducing CO2. Transport company Connexxion, for example, has a 'driving guide' system for its bus drivers. They receive daily feedback on their driving style and adjust their driving behaviour accordingly. Not only does this result in a reduction of thousands of litres of diesel a year, but also in a significant reduction of CO2. It's nice to contribute towards such solutions for a better world."

Investing in the best network
Responsible living, smart working. It is possible with GigaNet. It is for good reason that the Vodafone network has been rewarded with a 9.6 for the second year in a row, and that Ziggo has been elected ‘Best internet provider of the Netherlands’ nine years in a row now. Marcel adds: "We keep investing, so that we not only are the best network, but also keep that position."

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