This should have been a message to you

This should have been a message to you

VodafoneZiggo on targeted marketing

Hi reader. Question: did we catch your attention? Not quite so simple, nowadays. But due to a new way of marketing more and more often we know exactly which messages do reach our customers. By means of the smart GURU platform we understand what you want to hear.

"Previously, not even that long ago, our marketeers created campaigns for large audiences, based on certain assumptions. For example, all people aged 60 plus, living in Groningen", Christal Milton explains. She works at the Customer Value Management department as GURU performance lead. "Nowadays, we take an entirely different marketing approach. We put you as our customer centre stage. Because our understanding of your needs is improving we can tailor our messages accordingly."

GURU listens
How do we know what your customer needs are? Christal: "From your interactions with Vodafone and Ziggo. If you have given us permission to do so, we can see, for example, what triggers your interest on our website. We know how you use Mijn Ziggo or My Vodafone and what you call our call centre for. Before long, we will also gain a better understanding of your data usage, calling minutes and your use of the Mediabox. Again, only if you have given us your explicit permission. Don’t look at it as big brother is watching you, but as GURU is hearing you. Because GURU is a super smart platform that uses all that information to figure out your needs, so you’ll receive much more relevant messages from us."

GURU engages you in conversation
But GURU doesn’t do all the hard work. First our eleven marketing squads need to provide some essential information. Sharon van de Kuijt is Cluster lead Grow Base of the squad responsible for, among other things, the selling of Ziggo Movies & Series. "We feed GURU with what we think is interesting for a customer. A simple example: you visit and almost buy Movies & Series, but at the last moment you close the screen. In such a case, we suggest to send that customer an email, text or WhatsApp message with an offer for Movies & Series. The smart thing about GURU is that should you call us, your previous history is linked and the call centre agent in question is able to make you an offer for Movies & Series. We integrate the message 'Can we still interest you in Movies & Series?' in WhatsApp and text messages, emails and for instance banners for the website. And we indicate which type of customer should receive these messages. This is an example of the hundreds of personal mini campaigns we feed into GURU."

GURU gets to know you
With all that input GURU sets to work. It calculates which information will interest you most. And also, which channel you prefer to receive that information. To that end GURU not only takes your usage as a starting point, but also the behaviour of similar customers. "And based on your actions GURU improves", Sharon says. "Let's say we approach you with emails about Movies & Series, but you don’t even open them. Then GURU will stop that mini campaign. And we go back to the drawing board to improve our campaigns. That is the strength of this type of marketing, we really pay attention and adjust our messages accordingly."

We offer service
Sharon: "We are constantly trying to assess what you need now ánd what the value is of what we have to offer. Sales figures are not the only way to express that value, and this has been the case for quite some time. For example, there is also significant value in making you happier with a product you already possess. By sending you a guide for example to get even more out of your Mediabox. Or helping you solve a Wi-Fi problem before you call our customer service. The great thing about this is that for the first time it enables us as marketing to offer service as well."

We understand you
More than ever, you are put centre stage as a customer. "Of course, we have a lot to gain in this way too", Christal admits. "After all, a satisfied customer is a loyal customer. Moreover, this type of marketing is thé way to ensure you still see and hear us at a time when everyone tries to get your attention. To this end we guarantee you only hear from us about things that you find relevant. And thanks to GURU we are getting better and better at it. Each contact you have with us has to add something. And because it does, you will start to trust us more, meaning you are more inclined to read a new message. And in this way we are slowly approaching our ultimate goal of giving you the feeling of VodafoneZiggo understands me."

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