VodafoneZiggo has far-reaching sustainability goals and we are fully committed to achieving them. CSR Manager Morgane Patris outlines the sustainable ambitions VodafoneZiggo is pursuing and how they will be realised. It’s a movement that requires everyone’s participation.

VodafoneZiggo's social responsibilities are laid down in our CSR strategy. “This includes our sustainability goals," Morgane explains. Under the theme ‘People, Planet, Progress', we committed in 2020 to halving our CO2 emissions by 2025 relative to 2018 levels. Morgane shows where VodafoneZiggo is now and the efforts needed to meet this goal.


Great opportunities
What does sustainable business practice mean? Morgane defines it as, "Meeting the needs of our current generation without limiting those of future generations." It is a clear statement that guides the company’s practical decision-making. That will also be necessary, she explains. "The IT sector accounts for 2% of global CO2 emissions, mainly from energy consumption, and only 17% of products in our industry are recycled properly, with the rest ending up in landfills,” she notes.

“Therefore, we face not only a major responsibility but also a tremendous opportunity. Four out of five Dutch consumers consider sustainability to be important. We aim to earn their loyalty to our brands. In the business sector, sustainability is becoming a key factor, often surpassing price. This shift indicates a significant change in priorities."

Real challenges
Achieving a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2025 within our company and among our suppliers is our goal. Morgane considers the latter to be the greater challenge due to the limited influence we have over external parties. However, she presents several graphs showing VodafoneZiggo’s progress towards this goal, with all indicators moving in the right direction. Yet, she cautions, the low-hanging fruit has now been picked and, “the most significant challenges lie ahead."

Know yourself
It is therefore crucial to identify the primary sources of CO2 emissions. “Within our own organisation, 17% of emissions originate from our buildings, 7% from our network and a staggering 76% from our employees’ travel. With our 1,200 vehicles, mainly driven by our technicians, electrifying our fleet is a priority. We’re also making our networks and buildings more sustainable. Outside shopping centres, our stores already keep their doors closed as much as possible to conserve energy."

Know your chain
In our supply chain, product energy consumption accounts for 85% of all emissions, according to Morgane. “This includes 9 million [KW(1] modems and media boxes running continuously. Both the number of devices and the energy they consume must therefore be reduced, especially as the data usage of our customers grows annually. Facilitating this, while increasing sustainability, is a huge challenge. Our latest media box, the Next Mini, is a step in the right direction. It’s eight times more energy-efficient than its predecessor and made largely from recycled materials."

Everyone on board
The most significant improvements can be made in transportation and product management, but every aspect of our business must be considered. It’s vital that everyone at VodafoneZiggo plays a part. Morgane outlines how: “Reflect on how your work impacts our sustainability goals, both directly and indirectly. Engage your team to come up with and implement solutions. Allocate budget, time and personnel for these initiatives. Lastly, measure the impact of your actions and share your successes. This way, we make progress and inspire each other."

Good job
Whether it’s lowering office temperatures, using sustainable paper or bringing personal coffee cups, audience members often suggest all kinds of good ideas to enhance our sustainability. Remarkably, Morgane can usually report that VodafoneZiggo is already exploring or has implemented these ideas. "We are on the right path."