VodafoneZiggo has strong ambitions, including in the area of sustainability. We're not about woolly thinking or looking through rose-tinted glasses. We prefer to speak in clear language about achieving tangible targets. Marloes Vierkant and Eelco Ploum explain our sustainability plans and how we are putting them into action.

Let's begin with the plans. "In 2025, we want to half our environmental impact compared with 2018," explains CSR manager Marloes Vierkant. "And we're on track to do that. At the end of 2021, we have already achieved a 33% reduction in our total CO2 emissions. To make this happen, we are taking wide-ranging action. Our sustainability programmes are divided into three categories: our operations, our people and our products."

'Operations' primarily refers to the energy required to enable VodafoneZiggo to function. Energy coordinator Eelco Ploum explains: "I'm proud to say that we already run on 100% green energy. This is important, because VodafoneZiggo uses a similar amount of energy to the city of Eindhoven. 91% goes to our network."

"Turning off 3G has resulted in savings of over 6%," adds Marloes. "In addition, we’re making our equipment and software more efficient, our offices smarter and we’re using our network equipment in a circular way."

VodafoneZiggo has four objectives for its operational activities: save 20% more energy in 2024 than in 2020, become 2% more energy efficient each year, reduce CO2 emissions by 35% compared with 2020 and continue to focus on energy from renewable sources. The company is on track to meet all its goals.

'People' represents everything that VodafoneZiggo does as an organisation. Marloes: "With a 7,000-strong staff, we can make a massive difference. So, we look closely at our behaviour and consumption. From electric transport for our engineers to public transport for our office workers. And we’re also working from home more often. We hold an annual internal online festival consisting of presentations and workshops about sustainability, responsibility, and diversity. The aim is to increase awareness among our people regarding the choices they can make to work and live more sustainably."

About 'Products' Marloes says: "This refers to everything that is required to make it possible for us to offer our services to the customer. From the mobile phones we offer through Vodafone, to the media boxes and network cables from Ziggo. We also offer our customers trade-in deals, so they can bring their old devices to us. And 80% of the media boxes are returned to us to go on to lead a second life. Our packaging is becoming more sustainable and smaller, so couriers need to make fewer trips. And for our business clients, we offer an increasing number of sustainable solutions."

At the Paris climate conference, the parties agreed to limit the Earth's warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), co-founded by the United Nations and the WNF, drafted a list of agreements that businesses can commit to in order to meet these climate agreements. Marloes: "We're taking part in this collective effort and SBTi is monitoring our progress. From our data centres, infrastructure, offices, and stores, to our goods and services, transport, and recycling of old products. They leave no stone unturned and make sure that we are meeting our promises. Therefore, tangible progress and concrete results are basically guaranteed."

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