Volumetric video is providing customers with a new interactive experience

Volumetric video is providing customers with a new interactive experience

Perfect virtual 'fit' with 5G

Not just static product photos, but interactive images. With Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), new volumetric video technology gives consumers an interactive preview of a product. "Thanks to 5G, more and more of these kinds of unique applications will soon be within our reach," says Martijn van Lieshout, business market marketing director at VodafoneZiggo.

For example, Volumetric video is providing consumers with a new online fitting experience for shoes and clothing. And because customers themselves become part of the content, they can view the item from any angle. Pim Dresen, owner of Mercer Amsterdam, is one such business person applying volumetric video. In case you didn't know, the trainer label is renowned for its collaborations with F1 driver Lewis Hamilton and mega star Lady Gaga. Thanks to video technology, Pim's customers can get a detailed preview of how the collection will look.

Large amounts of data
Enormous amounts of images are needed for volumetric video, with these being recorded in a studio by dozens of cameras and subsequently converted into moving 3D images. "This involves large amounts of data," says Martijn van Lieshout. "And, in order to download and play these images with volumetric video on your smartphone, a stable and fast 5G network is required. As well as a good smartphone, of course, with sufficient processing power."

5G as an incubator
Volumetric video is currently the only technology recording 3D video. "But innovation is moving rapidly," says Van Lieshout. "Just consider how fast things have gone since the introduction of 3G brought with it the smartphone, and when, thanks to 4G, we were able to watch YouTube on our phones. 5G, too, is rapidly bringing more applications within reach. We are currently in the experimental stage with eleven partner companies in the 5G hub at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, and, encouragingly, this is showing us that volumetric video is also ideal for social applications. As well as education with VR: just imagine, for example, the impact it could have on anatomy lessons."

Easily scalable
Van Lieshout describes volumetric video as a perfect example of how the powerful Vodafone network can also be of assistance to self-employed business people and smaller SMEs. "With the new generation of mobile internet, we are helping business people to apply technology and innovation in a simple, scalable way, so that they can gain a competitive advantage in their market. For instance, they can use new applications to set up their distribution channels in such a way that customers who are exploring their purchase get a unique experience."

Unforgettable impact
As an entrepreneur, Dresen is wholesome in his praise of volumetric video. "I expect a lot from it," says the inventor of innovative trainers made from none other than both pineapple and wine leather and recycled PET bottles. "When we started using not one but two product photos in our webshop, conversion immediately rose by 200 per cent. Just imagine the impact moving imagery can have."

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