"What do you need" vs. "What's wrong with you?"

"What do you need" vs. "What's wrong with you?"

How VodafoneZiggo turns limits into opportunities

VodafoneZiggo likes to think in terms of possibilities, not limitations. That is why there is a lot of attention for diversity and inclusion in the workplace. In this way, the company supports the acquisition of people who have problems finding a job.

"They didn't ask me what was wrong with me, but what I needed," says VodafoneZiggo colleague Michele de Vries. He is in a wheelchair, but according to him that has never been an issue: not in the application process nor since he started working at VodafoneZiggo. "The wheelchair is not a problem for me, but the company has never made it an issue."

Concrete goals
People at a distance from the labour market do not always find it easy to find a fulfilling job. "VodafoneZiggo wants to change this with concrete objectives," says Pim Brouwers of the Diversity & Inclusion department. The company sees the inclusion of these people not only as a participation law under the heading 'Social Return on Investment' (SROI). "We think it's important to offer everyone opportunities."

Valuable contribution
"That is why we create full-fledged jobs every year for people at a distance from the labour market," Pim continues. "Jobs where they are part of official teams and thus make a valuable contribution to our organization."

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