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    MOJO and Vodafone launch streaming platform

    18 juni 2020

    In a summer without concerts and festivals MOJO and Vodafone open ‘Larger Than Live’, a virtual concert hall. During the concert, viewers can have interactive contact with the performing artist. On Thursday 9 July, Nielson will give the first streaming concert from the Ziggo Dome and in the following weeks the stage is for, among others, Nielson , De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, Frenna, Rolf Sanchez, Maan and De Staat.

    A streaming ticket gives the public access to the live show from home, on Viewing is not limited to the screen of a mobile, tablet or laptop; the show can also be casted full screen to a television or beamer. With his mobile phone the viewer can choose the position of the cameras using different angles, and also opt for interaction with the artist. In the middle of the Ziggo Dome a high-tech podium has been erected, equipped with state-of-the-art technology in the field of vision, sound and light. In this way you experience the concert at home as if you’re sitting in the front row, giving you that genuine ‘live’ feeling as realistically as possible.

    The artists all tailor their show to this digital environment, specifically for these streams. Their biggest fans can register for a chance to sit in the ‘Golden Circle’ by means of a live video link. In this way the artists can see their fans cheering and highlight this element as part of the show.

    Vodafone customers become VIP
    Vodafone customers buy their streaming ticket through Vodafone. It gives them access to the concert and they are eligible for two of the 100 concert hall seats, which is quite unique in these times. There is also a virtual backstage tour available for the fans and they have a chance at an online meet & greet.

    “With the joint launch of Larger Than Live, Vodafone and Mojo are both investing in the future of live music experience. We like to bring entertainment to people’s homes. With this virtual concert hall we offer as many people as possible the opportunity to enjoy live music together, in an innovative way, from home. We hope it helps to create that familiar feeling of togetherness. We are proud to present the first series of concerts from the Ziggo Dome, but in the future more streams will follow from several other music venues and festivals on

    As soon as regular shows can be scheduled again in the future, it will in many cases still be possible to buy a streaming ticket. In this way we enable a large group of people to experience the show from home. A godsend for fans who, for whatever reason, cannot attend the concert in person”, says Louise Meijer, Directeur Brand, Communications & Media.

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