A team of Vodafone volunteers is helping to set up emergency networks in the border areas around Ukraine. VodafoneZiggo employees are also on site to provide refugees from Ukraine with free WiFi.

The technicians came to the rescue at several locations, on behalf of the Vodafone Foundation. They made connections in masts and emergency buildings in the border region, but also in a large train station in Budapest. The focus was on the refugees' 'stop-overs': places where they have to register or switch to other transport. During this waiting period, with the help of the volunteers, they were able to charge their phones, use free Wi-Fi and connect with loved ones who are still in the war zone.

Instant Network
With the 'Instant Network' programme, the Vodafone Foundation makes equipment and people available that can build up a temporary mobile network in disaster areas. This group of volunteers consists of international Vodafone employees, including Dutch employees. In recent years, Instant Network has responded to several natural disasters, such as in Mozambique and the Philippines. Currently there are teams present near the border of Hungary/Ukraine and the border of Romania/Ukraine.

Free services for customers
VodafoneZiggo previously announced that it will offer all Vodafone, hollandsnieuwe and Ziggo customers free (mobile) calling and texting from the Netherlands to Ukraine and vice versa until 31 March. The telecom company also offers free data to customers in Ukraine. This applies to both consumers and business customers.