From 31 March, Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands can also stay informed of the news in their native country via TV. From that time, it will be temporarily possible to watch the news channel Channel 24 (24 Канал) through Ziggo on channel 502, irrespective of the TV package. The channel can also be watched on mobile phones and tablets via the Ziggo Go app.

Since the start of the war, the various Ukrainian news channels have been collaborating closely under the name United News, offering the same programmes for the most part. For this reason Ziggo chose to limit itself to one single news channel as long as the situation in the Ukraine calls for that.

Jeroen Hoencamp, CEO of VodafoneZiggo: ‘We are helping refugees from Ukraine in various ways, among other ways with 12,000 free SIM cards. We are pleased that we are now also able to provide them with a TV channel via our fixed network. No matter how horrible and sad the daily war news may be, in this way we will help them remain well-informed and connected with their country.’

About Channel 24
Channel 24 (24 Канал) is a 24/7 TV channel. The news channel’s programming is currently dominated by the war, but usually includes politics, the economy, sports and celebrities. Channel 24 has been broadcasting since 2006.