Our thoughts are with all those affected by the war in Ukraine. That is why we have launched several campaigns to support the refugees. Here's an overview.

Free mobile calls and text messages
Due to the critical situation in Ukraine, we are offering all Vodafone, hollandsnieuwe and Ziggo customers free (mobile) calls and text messages from the Netherlands to Ukraine and vice versa from February 2022 to 30 June 2023. We are also providing free data to customers in Ukraine. This applies to both consumers and business customers. From 1 July 2023, a reduced rate of 50% will be applied to all services.

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Donation of 12,000 SIM cards
VodafoneZiggo makes 12,000 prepaid SIM cards available to Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands, offering 6 GB of data and a 20 euros call credit. People can decide themselves whether they use the SIM card credit to call in the Netherlands, within Europa or worldwide.

The distribution of the SIM cards will be coordinated by the Salvation Army, the Red Cross and the Dutch Council for Refugees. VodafoneZiggo staff assisting with refugee initiatives will also distribute some of the cards. The telecom company has already made the first SIM cards available.

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VodafoneZiggo offers refugees work through an accelerated process
Refugees are given the opportunity to apply more quickly for jobs at VodafoneZiggo. The telecom company has set up a special process, so that people can get started quickly. The first job interviews have already been conducted.

Interested parties can submit their cv or LinkedIn profile via a form on VodafoneZiggo's careers website. A recruiter will contact them shortly to see which jobs are a 'match'. During the further process, the participants receive extensive guidance. The appeal applies to all people over the age of 18 who have fled their country because of the Ukraine crisis.


Hotel for Vodafone colleagues from Ukraine
The municipality of Gooise Meren has joined forces with VodafoneZiggo and Vodafone Group. A hotel has been made available especially for approximately 120 Ukrainian Vodafone employees and their families. These refugees can resume their work, study and live here for several months. The municipality makes education and care possible, VodafoneZiggo offers support with access to offices, means of transport, SIM cards, etc. The Instant Network team (a project of the Vodafone Foundation) established the internet connection.

Wi-Fi for orphanage
Since the war, a former summer camp in Poland has housed approximately 120 orphans from Ukraine, aged between 0 and 17. They fled their home country because of the unsafe situation. Their new home is located in a wooded area in northern Poland. Here the children can stay safely, and they have access to sports and education. In early June, the Instant Network team traveled to this location to install Wi-Fi for the orphans. They work together with the organization Movement on the Ground.

Ziggo adds Ukrainian news channel to TV packages
From March 31, Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands can also stay informed about the news in their country of birth via TV. From that moment on, the news channel Ukraina 24 can be seen temporarily at Ziggo on channel 502 in all TV packages. The channel can also be seen on mobile phones and tablets via the Ziggo GO app.

Ziggo adds Nickelodeon Ukraine to TV packages
From 1 June we will add a children's channel: Nickelodeon Ukraine. The channel can be seen in HD on channel 313, in all TV packages. This temporary channel broadcasts non-stop programs for children of all ages. The channel is broadcast in the Ukrainian language and is ad-free. The channel is also available via Ziggo GO and programs can also be watched via Replay TV. This is a temporary TV channel from Paramount Global in association with Pluto TV.

Z of Ziggo
We know that in a short time the letter Z has become a sign of Russian nationalism, especially in Russia. Ziggo has had its brand name and our orange logo - including the letter Z - since 2008. We would like to emphasize that the initial letter Z in our logo does not in any way means that we support Russia. The Russian Z is also quite different from 'our' Z. We abhor this war and support Ukrainian refugees in various ways, including with 12,000 free SIM cards, with the transmission of the Ukrainian TV channel Ukraina 24 in our TV packages and with free Wi-Fi in many places where refugees are received (both in Hungary and Romania, as well as in the Netherlands).

Emergency networks at Ukrainian border
In March 2022, a team of Vodafone volunteers helped to set up emergency networks in the border areas around Ukraine, to provide refugees from Ukraine with free WiFi.

The technicians came to the rescue at several locations, on behalf of the Vodafone Foundation. They made connections in masts and emergency buildings in the border region, but also in a large train station in Budapest. The focus was on the refugees' 'stop-overs': places where they have to register or switch to other transport. During this waiting period, with the help of the volunteers, they were able to charge their phones, use free Wi-Fi and connect with loved ones who are still in the war zone.

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Last updated on 7 June 2023: Free mobile calls and text messages (From 1 July 2023 a reduced rate of 50%)