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    Ziggo GO also available for Apple TV, Android TV and Amazon Fire

    29 juni 2020

    From now on, the Ziggo GO app can also be used on the various platforms of Apple, Android and Amazon. In this way, Ziggo customers with a TV and internet subscription can watch TV programmes, films and series on their big TV screen through Apple TV, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV. As of tomorrow, Ziggo customers can download the new app in the App Stores of Apple, Android and Amazon.

    The new version of the Ziggo GO app can be used on Apple TV (4th generation onward), an Amazon Fire TV Stick, or on media players and smart televisions with integrated Android TV software from e.g. Sony and Philips. It is controlled by the remote control unit of the media player or smart TV. The user menu is similar to the existing Ziggo GO platform, enabling the user fast and simple navigation of the content offered by Ziggo. The app supports the use of the voice-control option of the TV platforms and the search function in various apps of this platform.

    For use at home
    The use of these platforms is designed for at home, for example to watch content on a second or third television next to a Ziggo media box. In order to be able to use Ziggo GO on Apple TV, Android TV and Fire TV, a Ziggo internet connection is required. Contrary to Ziggo GO for mobile devices*, Ziggo GO for Apple TV, Android TV and Fire TV only works if there is a fixed Ziggo internet connection. This version of the app cannot be used outdoors, nor in other EU countries. With the Ziggo GO app for mobile devices it remains possible to download films and series, and watch them ‘offline’ while travelling or while on holiday in EU countries. This is not possible with the Ziggo GO apps for media players and televisions. Well-known Ziggo features like Replay TV, Live TV, TV Guide, Viewing List, Movies & Series (XL) are available in both versions of the app. Owners of a Media box Next can also use the new app to set up recordings and use viewing profiles.

    Marcel de Groot, director Consumer Market VodafoneZiggo: "Due to the expansion of Ziggo GO to these platforms, second and third screens will become a more integral part of the daily household. With more than 1.5 million active users per month Ziggo GO – together with YouTube and Netflix – has been part of the top 3** most downloaded and used video apps for years now. Thanks to this expansion to three different platforms we can now offer our services to an even wider audience. Hand in hand with the familiar Ziggo features like Replay TV, TV Guide and Movies & Series (XL), the number of active and satisfied Ziggo users continues to grow."

    In the recent past, the Ziggo GO app for Apple TV, Android TV and Fire TV has undergone elaborate tests by a test panel made up of a few thousand VodafoneZiggo employees and Ziggo customers. In the meantime it has become clear that demand for these apps is huge. Customers can download the new Ziggo GO app through the various official App Stores. In this way Ziggo can experience the use and technical performance on a large scale, which will result in improved insights. Similar to the test phase, Ziggo will still be making changes to the service. In addition, the new apps will be frequently updated based on user experiences.

    Minimum requirements:
    - Apple TV: 4th generation Apple TV (HD and 4K) at least TVOS version 11 or higher.
    - Android TV: at least Android TV OS 5.0 or higher.
    - Media players like the NVIDIA Shield and Smart TVs with integrated Android TV from Sony and Philips.
    - Amazon Fire TV: all Fire TV devices (Fire TV 1 stick 25 images per second)
    - Ziggo internet connection required

    *through iOS, Android, Win10 operating system or through the browser with
    **Dutch Apps Market report, from 2018 (source: Telecompaper)