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Ziggo increases image quality for live TV on Ziggo GO

18 april 2023

As of today, Ziggo is increasing the image quality of the Ziggo GO TV-app to 1080p for customers who watch via smart TVs and streaming devices. This improvement applies to live TV on the top 12 linear channels. The telecommunications company will introduce further image quality improvements at a later date.

Starting today, Ziggo is offering an even better image quality to customers who use the Ziggo GO app on their smart TV (with Android TV, Apple TV, and FireTV) or streaming device. The TV-app now supports full HD (1080p), which provides an even better viewing experience.

Top 12 channels
The image quality improvement is available on Ziggo GO for the top 12 linear channels. These are the 10 most-watched channels: NPO 1, NPO 2, NPO 3, RTL4, RTL5, SBS6, RTL7, Veronica/Disney XD, Net5, RTL8, plus Ziggo Sport and Love Nature.

Even sharper images
With this improvement, Ziggo offers customers who watch TV in this way a higher image quality than ever before. The 1080p resolution provides sharp images and vivid colors, making the viewing experience even more realistic.

"We are pleased to announce that we can offer our customers with smart TVs and streaming devices an even better viewing experience,"
says Robin Kroes, Director of Consumer Market at VodafoneZiggo. "These 12 channels are just a first step. We will add more channels, 'replay,' and 'record' at a later date. As VodafoneZiggo, we continue to invest in improving the viewing experience so that our customers can enjoy their favorite programs and movies to the fullest."

Customers who use Ziggo GO on their smart TV or streaming device do not need to take any action to benefit from this higher image quality. The app will automatically upgrade to 1080p.

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