Health-E, an innovative online health service that includes 24/7 access to a doctor, is available from today. Health-E is an all-in-one app that provides Vodafone private customers with access to medical, mental health and wellbeing advice. Children and partners may also use the service, all on a single subscription. Health-E is available wherever and whenever you need it, providing greater control over health by means of digital innovation.

24/7 online health service
One of the main features of Health-E is that GPs are 24/7 online accessible. Users and their family members can seek advice from general practitioners and health professionals registered in the Netherlands. The app also allows for easy and accessible online consultations during the day. For example, with professional mental health coaches for mental health support and dieticians to help promote lifestyle and wellbeing. To do this, Vodafone has partnered with Teladoc Health, world leader in virtual healthcare with 20 years’ experience in online health services and digital innovation.

“VodafoneZiggo is continuously developing new products and services to offer customers enjoyment and progress with every connection. We believe that smart technologies and innovative applications make a positive contribution to society. The same applies in the field of healthcare, where it is becoming increasingly important to focus on prevention and maintaining good health. Health-E helps our customers in a simple way by providing 24/7 online access to GPs whenever and wherever they need it”, says Fleur van Beem, Executive Director of Strategy, Insights & Digital Transformation at VodafoneZiggo.

Health-e app

Focus on lifestyle and prevention
We see an increasing need for healthy lifestyle support, and Health-E meets this need. Health-e is not a replacement for the GP, but is intended to complement them. The focus is on lifestyle, prevention and answering healthcare questions that may not require a visit to a user's own GP. If urgent care or chronic conditions are involved, regular healthcare remains the first point of contact.

Stefan Scheepers, Managing Director of Teladoc Health, explains: “We’re proud to launch Health-E in conjunction with Vodafone in the Netherlands. With more than 20 years’ experience, Teladoc Health knows better than anyone the value of person-centred virtual care. Health-E will help users live their healthiest lives, both physically and mentally.”

The service is offered by Vodafone and provided by Teladoc Health. Health-E will initially be available to private Vodafone customers, with the aim of making the health service available throughout the Netherlands in the long term.

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