Starting today, Vodafone's digital 'Real Models' artwork can be seen in Groningen. The artwork makes the LGBTQIA+ community visible by showcasing realistic role models. Visitors of Pride Groningen can become part of the artwork themselves on August 18 and 19. The artwork changes in real-time and will be visible throughout the entire city.

Diversity needs to be seen
As the organizers of Pride Groningen highlight, making diversity visible and raising awareness is crucial for acceptance. With two local offices in Groningen and Leeuwarden and as a sponsor of Pride Groningen, Vodafone considers it important to contribute to this message. Vodafone achieves this by giving a face to role models from the queer community in the city. The various faces in the artwork 'Real Models' symbolize the diversity of the queer community and the ongoing process of identity formation. This way, everyone gets to positively and inspiringly connect with the queer community.

The power of a local presence
The digital artwork aims to showcase realistic role models. Therefore, visitors of Pride Groningen can become part of the moving artwork. This can be done by having your portrait taken from 12:00 to 16:00 at the specially designed photobooth at the Grote Markt. The continuously changing face will be visible throughout the day on various digital screens in the city center of Groningen.

Groningen Pride 23

Highlighting employees
The first 'Real Models' portraits that will be visible in the city from August 14 are portraits of employees from 'Queers Connected,' the rainbow network of VodafoneZiggo. "The proud reactions of colleagues when they spot themselves on a billboard in the city emphasize the positive effect of this 'Real Models' campaign," says Steven Kroon, chairman of VodafoneZiggo's Queers Connected network. "With the 'Queers Connected' network, we advocate for a positive working environment for LGBTQIA+ colleagues. From raising awareness to providing advice on LGBTQIA+ policies to the organization. Recently, we organized the workshop Pride History 101, discussing the importance of celebrating the progress made while remaining conscious of why protest is still necessary."

Not just during Pride Month, but throughout the year, VodafoneZiggo works towards an inclusive society and a positive working environment for queer colleagues. Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) in its full breadth are integrated into VodafoneZiggo's corporate strategy. LGBTQIA+ inclusivity is an integral part of this.