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VodafoneZiggo: first-quarter financial results solid and in line with expectations

11 mei 2022

The financial results of VodafoneZiggo in the first quarter of 2022 are solid and in line with expectations. That was announced by the telecom company today. The turnover of 1.006 billion euros is stable compared to the first quarter in 2021. The operating result (EBITDA) increased by 2.1% to 479 million euros. VodafoneZiggo is therefore fully on track to achieve its financial objectives for 2022.

VodafoneZiggo remains completely committed to the customer experience. For example, the number of people with Smart Wi-Fi pods in the first quarter went up by 125,000 to 1.3 million. In addition, the percentage of customers who can opt for a 1 Gbps internet increased by 6% to almost 80%.

Customer experience
In mid-April, VodafoneZiggo announced substantial speed increases for many (business) subscriptions. On average, the download speed rose by 30% and the upload speed by 50%. In some cases, the speed even doubled.

The company also launched Next Mini. This small, user-friendly media box offers an ultra-sharp 4K image, voice control and access to well-known streaming services such as Netflix, Videoland and Viaplay. Moreover, the Next Mini is very sustainable in use. It is also largely made from recycled plastic. More information

In the second half of the year, VodafoneZiggo will start testing DOCSIS 4.0. DOCSIS 4.0 technology makes the next generation of broadband possible through hybrid fiber coax (HFC) networks, delivers multi-gigabit speeds, while supporting high reliability, high security and low latency. Implementation is relatively simple: no streets have to be dug up. The test with DOCSIS 4.0 follows a previous test last year with 10 Gbps download speeds on the basis of the current DOCSIS 3.1 technology.

Prepared for the future
Ritchy Drost: “With our platforms and networks, we want to create the best possible experience for our customers. That is why we are continuing to invest in innovative technology in order to meet all customer needs at any time, both now and in the future. With DOCSIS 4.0, we are already preparing for exciting, future applications that place greater demands on our network, both in terms of speed and customer experience. Examples include holographics, virtual reality and artificial intelligence, in work, healthcare and gaming.”

Other developments

  • In the current dynamic market, the number of customers in the consumer market fell slightly in the first quarter once again. That concerns television, internet and fixed telephony customers.
  • The number of mobile telephony customers among consumers increased by 15,000 in the first quarter. As a result, VodafoneZiggo passed the 5 million mark for post-paid SIM cards this quarter.
  • The number of ‘converged’ SIM cards rose by 21,000 in the first quarter of 2021. The number of ‘converged’ households remained the same.
  • Within the business segment, VodafoneZiggo saw a growth in turnover of 4% in the past quarter. The number of internet customers grew by almost 7,000 and the number of mobile customers by 22,000.
  • Ziggo customers make use of the best tested fixed network in the Netherlands, according to a study conducted at the end of January by independent research agency umlaut, which assesses the quality of Dutch fixed networks. The results of the research from February, March and April confirm the leading role of Ziggo.
  • In the fourth quarter, VodafoneZiggo launched the Priority customer programme in collaboration with Ajax, Ziggo Dome, MOJO Concerts and The Park Playground. As part of this, customers are given priority when buying tickets for concerts, festivals, football matches and other events. Since the launch, more than 1.2 million people have visited the platform and tens of thousands of tickets have been sold.
  • In the first quarter, Ziggo Sport acquired many new, exclusive TV rights, including Dutch and international rugby, as well as padel (all tournaments of the World Padel Tour), the new, hugely popular and fast-growing racket sport. Ziggo Sport offers six sports channels, where customers can watch live top-class sport 24/7. There are five theme channels for football, racing, tennis, golf and sports documentaries. On the sixth channel, Ziggo Sport offers an extensive range of competitions in handball, basketball, hockey, padel, rugby, athletics, volleyball, winter sports, beach volleyball, cycling, snooker, badminton and squash.
  • Since the beginning of April, the final Ziggo customers have switched fully to digital radio. As a result of the switch from analogue to digital radio, Ziggo has freed up more space on the network to offer even more television and internet services, which includes increasing the picture quality and adding apps. More information
  • In mid-March, the new documentary series Welcome Online of the National Foundation for Elderly, VodafoneZiggo and ASML was launched. The series follows five elderly people who learn to use the internet better with the aid of the free course Welcome Online. The aim of Welcome Online is to enrich the everyday life of elderly people.
  • In March, a team of Vodafone volunteers helped set up emergency networks in the border areas around Ukraine. VodafoneZiggo employees were also on hand to provide Ukrainian refugees with free Wi-Fi. In addition, the company made pre-paid SIM cards available to Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands. Customer can also make (mobile) calls and send text messages for free from the Netherlands to the Ukraine and vice versa. We are also providing free data to customers in Ukraine. More information
  • The data usage on VodafoneZiggo’s networks broke records once again in 2021. It is striking that the electricity consumption fell by 9% in the past year. This emerged in mid-April from the Impact Report 2021 of the telecom company. In this way, VodafoneZiggo is taking major steps once again to reduce its environmental impact. The company is also focusing on innovative solutions that help society move forward.