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    VodafoneZiggo introduces new CSR strategy for 2025: People Planet Progress

    For 2025: halve the impact on the environment and help 2 million people get ahead in society

    24 september 2020

    VodafoneZiggo has established a new CSR strategy: People Planet Progress The company has set two goals for 2025: halve the impact on the climate and help 2 million people get ahead in society. The strategy is characterised by the integrated approach in which the entire organisation will contribute to achieving the goals.

    VodafoneZiggo and its networks are relevant to the daily lives of millions of people. In addition to offering added value through technology, the company has for many years and through various initiatives promoted sustainable and social objectives. The new strategy will ensure that their impact will be even greater due to the fact that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) will from now on be incorporated into the company strategy, operational management and monitoring. That way, every department will contribute to the realisation of the goals and be similarly held accountable. All of our 8,000 employees will contribute to the ambitions of People Planet Progress. “The most important guiding principle is that we, as a company, have a positive effect on humanity and the environment with everything we do. Thanks to these new ambitions and goals towards 2025, in which all of our business units are involved, we can have an even greater impact,” says Louise Meijer, Director Brand & CSR VodafoneZiggo.

    Big Ambitions
    At the moment, the company uses 100% wind energy and recycles and reuses 100% of its network materials. Even so, VodafoneZiggo sees opportunities to realise a 50% lower environmental impact in the coming 5 years. After the mobility policy that enabled all employees to travel with public transport for free, the company now wants to look into the idea of making transport to customers more sustainable. Helping 2 million people get ahead in society will be achieved through initiatives such as Online Masters, an online teaching programme for schools about the digital world. But it will also be achieved by using connectivity and innovative solutions such as IoT to improve welfare and quality of life.

    Five Pillars
    This new plan aims to tackle urgent problems such as climate change, pollution and social inequality. VodafoneZiggo intends to come up with solutions and innovations across five major themes (pillars). These pillars are: Sustainable services and product purchasing, Equal opportunities in a digital society, Technology for society, Everything for a healthy environment and A diverse and inclusive culture.

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