From today, customers who have a contract with Vodafone, Ziggo or both can find everything about their contract(s) in the new Vodafone & Ziggo app. Information on products, invoices and services can be found here in one place. The app also provides details of all the benefits of the Priority customer programme, and various entertainment tips.

Customers who have the 'My Vodafone app' installed do not need to do anything. Their app will be automatically updated to the Vodafone & Ziggo app in the coming weeks. Customers with the 'Mijn Ziggo app’ can install the new app themselves. The old ‘Mijn Ziggo app' will remain available until 27 May. The new Vodafone & Ziggo app can be found in the App Store and Play Store and downloaded for free.

In one place
The new Vodafone & Ziggo app offers customers various benefits. For example, they can view and manage their Vodafone and Ziggo contracts, view balances and check invoices in one place. It is also possible to chat 24/7 with both Vodafone and Ziggo's customer services through the Vodafone & Ziggo app. And if there is an unexpected outage, this will be notified in the app. In addition to these existing functionalities, VodafoneZiggo will continue to develop and expand the new app, so customers can expect even more benefits and convenience in the future.

The best entertainment every day
The app makes it easy to order streaming services, request additional channels and turn on and off monthly services. The app also features movie, series and TV programme tips, and customers can click through to the Priority offering from the app. This gives them priority and benefits at concerts, sporting events and outings, and they can take part in giveaways.