As partner in digitisation, VodafoneZiggo is well aware that when business owners invest in personal and business development, it leads to greater success in their company. After offering Unlimited Learning to all VodafoneZiggo employees, business customers can now make use of an online course selection available via the online learning platform. Unlimited Learning offers business owners a choice of 250 training courses, webinars, podcasts and other courses varying from online marketing, health & safety legislation and accounting to mindfulness and yoga. This diverse range of courses makes it possible for business owners to continue developing both personally and professionally, thus creating more opportunities for the growth of their business.

With the acceleration of digitisation and the expectation that the digital economy and the labour market will grow strongly in the coming years, VodafoneZiggo is supporting business owners with digital learning opportunities. Research by Vodafone Business* shows that in order to attract and retain talent, courses and installing a digital workplace are particularly important. The entrepreneurs surveyed expect this to increase in importance by 77%.

"As a partner in digitisation, VodafoneZiggo is helping business customers innovate with digital services and products. Investing in knowledge and skills for the future is the formula for innovation and business success. That's why we're now making Unlimited Learning available to our business customers. The learning platform is intended to help business owners and their employees develop through an interesting range of courses that can make a positive difference to their business operations and really allow the company to grow", says John van Vianen, Business Market Executive Director at VodafoneZiggo.

Investing in development for business success
In 2020, Unlimited Learning was first offered to VodafoneZiggo employees in partnership with Archipel – a spin-off from training centre Schouten and Nelissen. In the first ten months after the launch, which also coincided with the first lockdown, more than 6,000 training courses were taken by the company's own employees. Percentage-wise, this meant that 45 per cent of the employees and even 75 per cent of management took a training course or other type of course.

Thomas Mulder, Director HR at VodafoneZiggo: "To remain relevant in the rapidly changing labour market, especially after the COVID period, development is more important than ever. By making Unlimited Learning available, we want to provide not only our employees but also business owners looking for new knowledge with the opportunity to grow. By investing in yourself, you increase the chances of long-term personal and business success."

Relevant range of courses for business owners
With 250 courses, VodafoneZiggo has opted for a broad range that is relevant to every business owner. For example, there is 'De formule voor een toekomstgerichte organisatie' (The formula for a future-oriented organisation), 'Inspirerende ontwikkelgesprekken voeren voor managers’ (Conducting inspiring development interviews for managers) and 'Zelfleiderschap met Marianne Thieme' (Self-leadership with Marianne Thieme). But also 'Incasso en debiteuren in de praktijk' (Debt collection and debtors in practice), 'Hoe richt je privacy als organisatie goed in' (How to set up privacy properly as an organisation) and ‘Online zichtbaarheid’ (Online visibility). With Unlimited Learning, VodafoneZiggo is responding to the need of business owners to keep developing themselves. Unlimited Learning is therefore being offered to Ziggo Business customers with a Business Internet subscription and Vodafone Business customers with a Red Pro subscription.

On 24 June, VodafoneZiggo presented Unlimited Learningto hundreds of business owners at the online 'Digital Fit' event. The event was hosted by Lauren Verster and featured keynote speaker former footballer and entrepreneur Demy de Zeeuw (433, BALR and Wannahaves) who gave an inspiring best practices presentation about the online success of his companies. In addition, business people learned, for instance, in the ‘Psychologie & Wellbeing’ (Psychology & Wellbeing) workshop from neuropsychologist Mark Tigchelaar how to better deal with work stress and online strategist Marieke Pijler was in attendance for a workshop on 'Communicatie & Marketing' (Communications & Marketing).

*Source: Vodafone Future Ready Research, November 2020