Social mission

Social mission

Social mission
Technology makes things possible, it adds significance to people’s lives, to their work and to society. VodafoneZiggo enables people to connect with each other, with whom they want, whenever, wherever they want.

We believe it is important for everyone to participate in this digital society. In an accessible and responsible way. With our technology we aim to bring progress to the lives of all our stakeholders. We call it 'Empower a Digital Ready Society'.

VodafoneZiggo aims to create an impact on society by boosting the positive impact of a digital society and at the same time reducing its negative impact. This translates into our goal for the coming years: By the end of 2020, VodafoneZiggo will be widely known for its efforts to enable society to leverage the possibilities of the digital world in a responsible way.

Focus areas
Within our approach there are three elements we distinguish: digital life, digital solutions and responsibility. We structure our organization in a way that we can do business ethically and responsibly.

Vodafone Foundation
An important part of executing our strategy lies with the Vodafone Foundation. Since 2002, the foundation has been using mobile technology to improve the lives of people in a vulnerable position. In addition, the foundation organizes volunteering activities for VodafoneZiggo employees.

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