What's it like to be blind? A group of colleagues from VodafoneZiggo experienced just that, during a session of the MuZIEum Foundation. Two visually impaired people gave a tour through the eyes of people who see little or nothing. "An eye opener", according to the participants.

MuZIEum is an experience museum in Nijmegen, where you undergo various experiences that teach you how to find your way as a blind or partially sighted person. This happens both outside, where you follow a route with a blindfold, and inside, where you move through a dark room with a cane and a guide and perform tasks.

This time the MuZIEum volunteers had settled down at VodafoneZiggo's office. There, the participants received a short introduction to the perception of the visually impaired, after which they were allowed to get to work themselves. They were given virtual reality goggles, which provide roughly the same vision as that of someone with cataracts. Eventually they had to read a text and do an assignment on their phone. "Then you immediately find out how extremely difficult it is to just type in a destination via Google Maps," said one participant. "And then you're not even in traffic yet."

In this video you can see and hear how the target group experienced the session and why VodafoneZiggo considers this type of activity important.

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