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    Vodafone provides 5G live streams during IBC 2020 conference

    16 september 2020

    During the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) Vodafone conducted a broadcasting pilot with 5G technology. The live video streams used during the event ran successfully via the Vodafone network. The IBC is an annual conference and exhibition for electronic media and entertainment companies. The conference, usually held in the Amsterdam RAI, took place largely virtually this year.

    Vodafone provided the video streams via its 5G network from three different locations in Amsterdam: the RAI conference hall, from a boat and from a drone in the air. The streams were sent via both the 5G and 4G network using network slicing. For stable video (up) streams, it is important that there is always sufficient bandwidth available. With the application of 5G technology, it is possible that mobile networks offer comparable or even better connectivity than satellite networks, for example. This increases the ability for video production companies to produce high quality while reducing the operational costs of such productions (personnel, equipment, connectivity subscriptions).The insights gained during pilots are critical to understanding the challenges customers face and can focus on key functions needed. The pilot during the IBC ensures the creation of new and innovative products that exactly meet the needs of the broadcasting and critical communication industry.

    Guarantee of quality
    Network slicing makes it possible to divide one network connection into 'slices', as it were, so that it offers different users different bandwidths at the same time. That way you can guarantee a certain capacity for critical applications, such as emergency services or controlling robots in a hospital. It therefore also lends itself to the application of new broadcast techniques.

    “We are constantly working to develop new technologies and applications for critical communication services,” said Juan Pablo Nieto, 5G Product Manager at VodafoneZiggo. "The pilot during the IBC was successful and offers new insights with which we can advance innovative solutions and services when it comes to broadcasting and critical communication."

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